Our Mission

Create quality products and serve a better life.

Corporate Vision

Focus on the development of the global PET and textile industries, and strive to be a sustainable and competitive industry leader.

Core Value

Integrity - being honest, honest, and overall;

Openness - lack of knowledge, learning and innovation;

Take responsibility - do not evade, do not shirk, take responsibility;

Pragmatic - talk about methods, seek results, and focus on results.

Core Talent Concept

Introduce talents with growth;

Develop a learning employee;

Reusing cadres with a big picture;

Adhere to the standard of employing both morality and ethics and morality.

Code Of Conduct

Stick to the right path, not profit-seeking;

Honest and trustworthy, not betrayal;

Take care of the overall situation, do not care about;

Open mind, not self-restraint;

Observed is surprising, not conservative;

Be brave enough to act and not shirk responsibility;

Results oriented, not just the process;

Perseverance, not giving up;

Diligent and efficient, not extravagant and wasteful;

The day of the Qing Dynasty is not sloppy;

Ensure safety and not be lucky;

Decent and dignified, not frivolous;

Respect others, do not hold high and low;

Punctual and trustworthy, not easy to cool;

Teamwork, not separate.