• Zhengkai Group Helps Students Enter the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau


    As a national-level poor county, Huzhu Tu Autonomous County is a remote area in Qinghai Province, where han, tu, tibet and meng nationalites live. People there suffer from severe weather condition and low economic income. Zhink Group went to Songduoxiang School to help students there, who come from poor families and live at school. Students’ learning condition is poor as desks and chairs are broken, and rare learning buildings are scattered. Zhink Group prapered blanket, school bags, clothes stationery and necessarities of live for students there, so that they can have a warm winter.

  • Zhengkai Group Helps Students Enter the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau2


    Qingzhu Huizhu Tuzu Autonomous County is located in the remote mountainous areas of Qinghai. As a national poverty county, the county is a multi-nationality colony of Han, Tu, Tibet, and Mongolia, with poor climatic conditions, high poverty, and low economic income. In the Songdo Township Central School, which is a student of the Zhengkai Group, most of the students have a difficult family situation and live in a scattered environment. Many children are boarding in schools. In addition to the newly built school building, the school’s desks and chairs were seriously damaged, and scattered teaching points at the grassroots level were even worse. Therefore, Zhengkai Group specially prepared children's learning supplies such as blankets, school bags and clothing.