Chengkai Fund

Hangzhou Chengkai Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd. is a fund manager approved by the Asset Management Association of China (registration number P1072327), initiated by Zhejiang Zhengkai Group Co., Ltd., one of the top 500 private enterprises in China, and has a strong background in the new material industry.

Chengkai Fund cooperates closely with research institutes, R&D centers, academician workstations, and post-doctoral mobile stations of Zhengkai Group, and has long-term close exchanges with advanced scientific research institutions in the field of materials at home and abroad to find markets for technologies, technologies from the market, and industry analysis. Development trend, in-depth exploration of project value.

The market network of Zhengkai Group covers more than 80 countries, covering a large number of well-known companies in the food and beverage and textile and apparel industries. Our joint investment shareholders include domestic liquor, meat, beverages, semiconductors and many other industry-leading enterprise groups. Chengkai The fund promotes the growth of investment companies in the industrial ecosystem with complementary advantages.

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