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Party Educational Training on All Party Members

Release Date:2018/06/09 Source:Zhejiang Zhink Group Co., Ltd.

On June 8th afternoon, before the arrival of July 1st, group party committee organize all party members to take party educational training. About eighty people including vice-president Xiao Haijun, vice-president Wang Chunbo, vice-president Tong Minghai, all party members and outstanding young people, attended the training.


First Part of the Meeting


Deputy Secretary of party committee, president of trade union Wang Xinglai reported the adjustment of mutual expense and subsidiary standard, and add of pioneering party members. In the meantime Wang expressed that in order to give full paly to Communist Party’s pioneering members and strengthen the party sprit, municipal party school Xiaoshan branch executive vice principal and researcher Si Guoxin was invited to give a lecture .


Second Part of the Meeting


Si gave a lecture on the topic of founding of CPC and red sprit. The lecture was mainly about four parts, which were history of party building, connotation of red sprit, first meeting of CPC, and inheritance of red sprit. Si emphasized that the formation of CPC is the calling of time, and red-sprit is a pioneering, persisting, and devoting sprit. 


The lecture touched all the party members’ hearts a lot. They agreed that in China, we must uphold the leadership of communist party, and adhere to the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics. They all expressed that they would change the patriotism into strong motivation for work, be a good represents and work hard.

Vice president Wang Chunbo thanked the excellent lecture given by principal Si. Wang expressed that as a party member and a member of the group, we should be down-to-earth, and perform duties according to the standards of party members. We must always adhere to the orientation of serving the development of enterprises and all employees, and take concrete actions to promote the rapid progress and harmonious development of the enterprise.


The meeting also shared the good news that Zhink party committee was honored as “Advanced Party Organization” by Jing Jiang District.


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