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Show the spirit of

Release Date:2018/05/08 Source:Zhejiang Zhink Group Co., Ltd.

For Show the spirit of "54"The group headquarters held an activity of trailwalk of "zhink on the road" in the afternoon of May 4th. The route of the trip is to walk along the Qian Tang River, 26 kilometers in length.


In the afternoon, the sun rides high in the sky,the temperature was 30 degrees. The employees who took part in the trailwalk did not shrink back, and actively participated in the team to show their youthful vigor.


Sweat drenched the clothes, but everyone was sticking to it,encouraging each other and going all the way.



The orange uniform is especially attract eyeballs, and it's also a scenery on the road.


The trailwalk is to cultivate and display the positive, healthy and upward spirit of the company's employees, to practice the concept of low carbon and environmental protection, and to spread the spirit of perseverance and cooperation and mutual help.

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