Packaging Industrial Park

Packaging Industrial Park is located in Jianshan District, Haining, north of Hangzhou  Bay. Based on Wkai’s production capacity of 1.2 million tons PET, environmentally friendly, sustainable developing, PET related upstream and downstream companies are introduced into the industrial park. A sustainable developing new materials cluster is aimed to be formed with sufficient industry fund and scientific resource allocation. Covering an area of 510 acres, the first stage of the industrial park focuses on horizontal innovative development and longitudinal advanced development in food-grade PET chips industry and other related industries, which is managed by a professional operation team.

The company has three goals. The first is to strengthen technical research and development activities so as to cultivate a development patterns of “core enterprise +incubator+ accelerator+ industrial park”. The second is to build the industrial park as a large modern new materials cluster, which has not only basic trading functions (raw material, product design, production and procession, printing and package), but also further developing functions (creative design, scientific research, training, brand planning). The third is to follow a green, low-carbon, environmental-friendly development path so as to become a large modern green circular production base integrated with product R&D, design, production, sale, and service.